The 21st Century and all its technological innovation has dulled the human race somewhat.  You’d think that with mobile communication, GPS signalling, the Internet – one could never be late again.  If you did, you’re wrong.  It provides people with further excuses to be lazy, late or not bother at all. 
Of course, this is a thinly veiled message of contempt to a couple of people out there.  They’ll never read it so I don’t know why I bother.  I guess it’s a vain attempt to make me feel better and it isn’t working.  I just wish people did what they say; I always do or try to do.  I sometimes go completely out of my way to help people only to meet with a non-verbal grunt of appreciation.  Clearly worth effort on my part.
I’m not going to go into the specifics or whom as that wouldn’t be fair.
Saturday really sucked for me.  The guttering has split on the side of the house so when the megastorm hit last night, there was a wall of water pouring down from the roof.  I had the back door open to ventilate the house so of course half the kitchen flooded before I realised what had happened.  I ran into the bathroom and that was soaked to.  The next minute was a crazy dash to shut all doors and windows to minimise damage.
After the rain had subsided, I scored a shag.  As that was in the heart of Stratford, I decided to go shopping, perhaps to buy some larger plant-pots for my overgrown plants.  I got the pots but alas there was no compost to be had.  What was worse was that Stratford Shopping centre flooded.  Because the centre of it is in a depression, that was where the flooding was worst.
My evening sucked as well.  I thought I might go to XXL for the first time on a Saturday but alas nobody wanted to go with me.  It’s nice being popular.