This is the first entry I’ve made since the incidents in London last Thursday.  I’ve not been busy at work which is really surprising.  I guess that’s actually a testament to excellent forward planning by the Civil Contingencies Unit.  Things have gone smoothly for a change instead of tits up for months at a time.
I can’t say there’s much going on at the moment.  New housemates are settled.  Oh – having some problems at work with other people.  I’ve made a couple of errors organising the minister’s diary.  I’ve been told one thing and now told to do the complete opposite.  And I’ve kept my tongue everytime although I was really tempted to scream yesterday when some old haggard bitch in Aviation Directorate went too far.  Fantasised about putting her head in a giant pencil sharpener and turning it slowly.  Some toss-pot turned up to a meeting early, I didn’t have a clue what was going on because nobody told me and I got the blame for it.  Or at least I feel I got the blame.
Yesterday also saw the two-minute silence post terrorist incident.  I think I picked up on the mood of the city and integrated it into my consciousness as I just had one of my depressive moods that I couldn’t otherwise explain.  When I did my handwriting analysis, it said the following:
Joe is a very emotional person with a broad range of emotions from the highest highs to the lowest lows. He feels emotional situations very strongly. He’ll flash to the very peaks of elation, sweeping everything before him. Then, for some reason unknown to himself, he will burn out emotionally. These mood swings can be very disturbing to him. Sometimes, he feels that he can no longer produce anything. But, after given some time alone to "recharge his emotional batteries", he will spring back into action. Because Joe feels situations intensely, he relates easily to others’ problems. If he is not careful, when he comes into contact with someone who is in a depressed frame of mind, he will also suffer the same emotions and change moods.
And my horoscope profile says:
You pick up impressions from other people very easily. Without even realizing it, you may perceive something about someone or receive a feeling or emotion without knowing where it has come from. Sometimes this can produce real confusion, making it difficult to figure out what you should do in a particular situation.
So as you can see reader – I’m an emotional sponge.  Sometimes has its uses.  Most of the time, inconvenience.