Well, the rooms are filled so I can take the profile off of Outlet.  Nick from Newcastle and Gemma his friend; have agreed to take the rooms.  Nick seems a really nice person so hopefully I can have a nice, normal living situation – with little noise emanating from the kitchen…and no more Britney Spears EVER!!  Ha ha!


It’s been obscenely hot today – practically melted in the sun and I had to go to Tesco’s this morning.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  There weren’t many people in the supermarket and there was plenty of stuff left in the aisles.  The bus ride up there was another story however.  Worse than Chariots.


2 weeks to payday, 5 weeks to recess, things are certainly beginning to look up a bit.  XXL on Wednesday sucked.  The place was full of tat but I found someone to keep me amused for half an hour.  Some idiot tried to cruise me in the toilet and then gyrate on my hips in the dark room.  Ugh.  He was so not my type.


I’m hungry.  Need food.