I finally motivated myself enough to complete Beyond Good and Evil for the Gamecube last night.  The final battle really got on my nerves.  I could tolerate the reversed controls but the fact the stupid character would not get up was utterly infuriating.  It’s almost as bad as getting knocked over on Resident Evil 4 and then having your head sliced off by one of those bastard chainsaw people.

I’ve still got many a GC game that needs completing and I’m adding to the collection all the time – Mario Party 6, Donkey Konga 2 to name but two that I’d like.  And there’s all the PC games in my collection.  I still cannot get past the first day on Jack the Ripper – is there something I have to do or do I just wait?  Stupid annoyance.

Some games out there really stink.  Very little effort has gone into the creative process.  If I had the money, I’d design games for a living and employ a team of minions to bring them to life for me.