Of course he/doesn’t exist – but I can fantasise, can’t I?

I’ve lived in Stratford for 5 years now (or it will be 5 years in September) and I’ve lived with 10 different people – Panagos, Johannes, Nassim, Michael, Gregory, Paul, Gerry, Kelvin, Lee & Mike.  All of them different people and the only one I can say I truly got on with was Nassim.  Michael and me were ok though he was only there for 5 months.  The rest I had major fallings out at least once or were just different.

I hate having to show people round.  I’m sure they can sense my boredom and frustration.  I don’t know who I’d ideally like to live with.  Someone I can fold up or deflate and put back in the box and bring them out only when I need someone to talk to.  It’s quite a neat little paradox.  I can’t live with people and I can’t live without them.

Still, I have to try to remain optimistic.